The church office will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observation of Juneteenth.

Week of December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Worship Schedule
Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
Christmas Eve Worship – Saturday, December 24

5pm – Family Contemporary | Silent Night with Glow Sticks | FLC
5:30pm – Noche buena | Candlelight | Templo
7:30pm – Traditional | Candlelight | Holy Communion | Sanctuary
10pm – Traditional | Candlelight | Holy Communion | Sanctuary
Christmas Day – Sunday, December 25 10am Traditional | Holy Communion | Sanctuary • 11am Navidad | Templo

Today in Worship “It’s Christmas: Are You In or Out?” – Isaiah 9:2-7, Luke 2:1-20 • There is no doubt that some people are more into Christmas than others. Your presence here tonight signals, at least on some level, that you are “in.” Christmas reveals just how “all in” God is for all His creation and for every soul. He does not hold back but sends His very Son to be the source of good news and great joy for all the people. Jesus’ coming signals that God’s redemption is real, His care is authentic, and God’s favor now rests upon us. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Jesus came for all—that means, whoever you are, wherever you have been, whatever you have done, there is a place for you, and for me, and for all, in God’s kingdom. God’s Son who was given for all has secured us a place. Are you all in? Because there is no conceivable reason for you to be out—this is God’s grace for you.

Merry Christmas • We wish all a merry and blessed celebration of Jesus’ birth. May the joy of His coming fill you with joy, love, and peace throughout this upcoming year. We want to thank all those who are making our worship at Prince of Peace/Príncipe de Paz so special this Christmas: musicians, choir, worship planners and worship servants, those up front and those behind the scenes. Thank you and God bless you all!

Staff Appreciation Gifts—Thank You! • The staff at Prince of Peace would like to say thank you for the staff appreciation gifts received this Christmas season. We are humbled by the generosity of God’s people and thankful to God that we get to be a part of this vibrant community of faith. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Worship Schedule Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus!
Christmas Eve Worship – Saturday, December 24
5pm – Family Contemporary | Silent Night with Glow Sticks | FLC
5:30pm – Noche buena | Candlelight | Templo
7:30pm & 10pm – Traditional | Candlelight | Holy Communion | Sanctuary
Christmas Day – Sunday, December 25 10am Traditional | Holy Communion | Sanctuary • 11am Navidad | Templo


Mid-week Bible Class for Adults Resumes Wednesday January 4 at 9:30am.

New Year’s Eve Worship – Saturday, December 31 – 6pm Traditional | 7:30pm Adoracion en espanol We invite you to join us for special evening worship services on New Year’s Eve as we give thanks and praise for the year gone by and pray for God’s continued guidance, grace, and provision in the year ahead.

Holiday Office Hours of Operation The church office will be closed at 4:00pm on Thursday, December 22 and will resume regular office hours on Tuesday January 3. Church staff members are available to serve you by appointment. As staff will be in and out of the office during this time. Please call ahead if you are planning to stop by or have a need. For pastoral emergencies, please feel free to contact Pastor Ken (703) 338-4387, or Pastor Borges (407) 777-5119, directly.

Support the Youth by shopping with RaiseRight! You can purchase gift cards online for family and friends, from the comfort of your home. Simply go to, sign up and input the enrollment code: CFA82EEB65547 and provide a little personal information and you are set to shop! Make sure to identify “Prince of Peace Youth” as the organization you want to benefit. Contact DCE Eric Gerken with any questions.

Drivers Needed! Some of our church members could use transportation to appointments, Sunday worship, or occasional trips to the store. If you are willing and able to help in that way, we can help you connect with someone who has expressed a need. Please contact Adriana in the office 407.277.3945 for more info.

PoP Preschool Do you know someone who might be looking for an amazing preschool for their child? While our infant and 1y/o classes are full, we still have limited openings for 2y/o through VPK. Call (407) 275-6703 to learn more!

Christmas Poinsettias 2022 Thank you to all those who helped beautify our worship of the Newborn King. May He bring comfort, peace, and life to all.
Paul & Marlene Browne, In thanksgiving to God
Lu Burchfield, In memory of loved ones who are not with us this year
Barbara Conyers, In memory of Family members
Frank & Shar Dluhy, In memory of Ralph & Arlene Murray, Hap & Ted Dluhy
Eduardo, In memory of Josephine Duchesne
Bob & Colleen Eldredge, In memory of our daughter, Lynn Colleen Eldredge
Julie & Mike Fleming, In memory of our daughter
Ken & Peg Green, In memory of our moms
Pete & Jane Greenfield, In celebration of all the wonderful years as members of PoP
Ken & Judy Holzscheiter, In memory of our loved ones
Linda & David House, In memory of loved ones
Linda I’Anson, In celebration of our Lord’s birth.
Otto & Joan Krumpholc, In memory of loved ones
Jerry Lemcke, In memory of Carlene Lemcke
Thomas Ludwig, In memory of Ludwigs Heynes, In celebration of Ludwig Family
Jim & Cherie Nocks, In memory of family and friends
Gerry & Debbie Noss, In memory of Jesus’ Birth
Gwen Taliver, In memory of Viola Baker and Gene Hawkins
Sonia Tellez, In memory of loved ones
Zaida Torres, In memory of Bud & Celeste Youtz, Abuela Vicenta & Hector R. Vazquez

Fruits of Faith
Worship Attendance: December 18
9:00 Traditional: 102 | 11:00 Contemporary: 50 | 11:00 Spanish: 71 | TOTAL: 223
Giving: Thank you for your faithful engagement in our ministry through your gifts and offerings.
December 4 offerings $10,222
December 11 offerings $15,482
December 18 offerings $17,939
. . . . . . . needed each week: $11,202

Prayers of Comfort: We pray for comfort and strength for the Ghobrial family, at the loss of their daughter, Emma.

Recovering: Bill Jordan, Merle Kroeplin

Healing and Strength: Karen Adkins, Dave & Mary Ann Ault, Rebecca Brooks, Delores B, Michael B, Donna C, Earl Caldwell, Karin Collins, Danny Conlin, Alice Darling, Elizabeth Dawson, baby Elijah, John Elmore, Jim Essig, Carol Fennell, Judy & Jim Finnie, Dwight Foote, Ginny Fussell, Rev. Dennis Glander, Noah Glasberger & family, Bob Hahn, Michael Halstead, Joe Heinz, David House, Jerry Jordan, Jim Lord, Michael McCarty, Lewis Mendez, Rick Perre, Miriam Rivera, Nitza Rohena, Nancy Schloemer, Rex Serio, Cindy Sibley, Shirley Stockett, Meridith Swanson (wrist), Gwen Taliver, Sonia Tellez, Cricket Winters, Leon W, Linda Zamsky

Receiving Treatments: Barbara Browne, Rev. Amy Bradley, Sarah vB, Jan Fry, Kent Jespersen, Dorothy R, Rev. Brian Roberts, Elena Santana, Marleen Schmidt, Cathy Smith, Jeff S, Joni S, Janet V, Debbie W, Dayton Whites, Brenda Williams

Continued Care: Chuck Boogher, Kelly DeFrietas, Al & Linda Dicks, Eleanor & Gail Eaton, Bob and Colleen E, Linda House, Minnie Hutchinson, Linda Jackson, Bill Jordan, Joan & Otto K, Mary K.M, Joyce Miller, Todd O, Annette Royal, Betty Schnell, Caitlyn Thoms, Juan Torres, Michael, Noel, & Roger V, Harry Wahl, Gloria White

Special: We also pray for all those who will worship this Christmas, kneeling at the manger to ponder that Jesus is our Immanuel, God with us. We pray that all see that they have always been included in God’s plan for love and life. • We continue to pray for recovery efforts for Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole. • We pray that the Lord would watch over all followers of Jesus everywhere, protecting and defending those who are persecuted for their faith. • We ask the Lord to be with President Biden, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court, as well as all state and local leaders. • We pray for those who serve our nation in the armed services. We also ask the Lord to watch over and keep our first responders safe.

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