The church office will be closed on Wednesday, June 19, in observation of Juneteenth.

Week of January 29, 2023

Today in Worship Followers Are Blessed • Matthew 5:1-12; Micah 6:1-8; 1 Cor. 1:18-31; Psalm 15 • How many times have you said, “I am blessed”? As we continue our reading the Apostle Matthew’s biography of Jesus, we are following—that is, we are getting to observe from an eyewitnesses account—Jesus’ actions and His teachings. (Especially we see Jesus teaching us this week what it means that we are blessed.) And as followers of Jesus, we are also learning how to apply Jesus’ words to our lives: as God has declared us to be blessed, what are the implications for how we see ourselves? For how we live? For us as we are designed to be a blessing to others?
About this Series: “We Are Followers” • As God invites us to follow Jesus, our lives are transformed. More than that, as we spend time with Jesus following Him along the way, we continue to discover that His transformation in our lives, the ways that Jesus shapes our lives as we walk with Him, connect directly to His purposes for us. Jesus uses us to extend His invitation to others.

Bible Classes
Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class at 10:00 am • The class is led by Jim Essig. We are looking at the Gospel of Luke. Classes are in the Music Room during our 10:00 am Education Hour, between the 9 am & 11 am worship services.
SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR AGE 4 – GRADE 5: Foundations of Faith • Kids will make crafts, play games, and learn the basic truths about God using both Old Testament and New Testament stories. Kids will walk away from each class with a new “God is…” statement (i.e. “God is powerful” or “God is kind”). Sunday School meets upstairs in the Family Life Center classrooms from 10:00-10:45 on Sunday mornings.
“Kid Video” every week: Did you know that DCE Eric Gerken produces a weekly kid video that ties into the Foundations of Faith lesson? Great for kids, families, and adults. The video is posted weekly to our Facebook and YouTube channels. (Tip: start a faith-conversation with your kids or grandkids using that video as a starting place.)
YOUTH SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS (6th-12th) • “Word One Bible Studies” – a mixture of discussion and experiential learning – come check it out – in the far, upstairs classroom in the Family Life Center from 10:00am-10:45am.
Mid-week Bible Class for Adults • Wednesday Mornings 9:30am – 10:30am in the Board Room. Our topic is looking at Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday’s theme. Led by Pastor Ken.

Thank you! • Thank you to those who helped during NLSW here at PoP/PdeP, and to the congregation for keeping our preschool staff and students in prayer.

Jan Fry’s Memorial Service – Today, January 29 at 2pm We continue to pray for the family and friends of Jan Fry, during this hard time. A celebration of life for Jan will be held this afternoon at 2:00pm here at Prince of Peace.

Workshop for Missions, Saturday February 4, 9am-2pm, at Prince of Peace • Learn more about one way to turn the tide on church decline in growing communities. Rev. Dr. Peter Meier from the Florida-Georgia District (LCMS) will lead an “UNtroduction to Church Planting.” This “UNtroduction” will give us the WHY and the URGENCY of starting new and introduces the WHAT and the HOW of starting new. Lay leaders and pastors from areas congregations are encouraged to attend together. The UNtroduction is free, and lunch is provided for all who register here:

Altar Flowers If you wish to sponsor Altar Flowers at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in celebration of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one, please fill out a form online or contact our church office.
Today’s Altar Flowers were given by: Sharon Dluhy to Gods glory and in celebration of Frank Dluhy’s birthday.
Linda & John I’Anson in honor of mom’s 101st birthday.
Julie Gilbert – In celebration of Bob Gilberts retirement on January 31st

FREE Youth Choir/Coro Juvenil – Open Auditions – Wednesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm
Last month our church obtained a financial aid grant, with which they will develop a free youth choir intended for children from 4th-8th grade with singing skills. It is for a period of 5 months, where they will receive musical guidance by excellent professionals in the field on Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 pm here at Prince of Peace/Principe de Paz music hall. For more information about auditions please call (407) 406-2468 Professor Andrés Soler, Music Director of the Choir.

Souper Bowl of Caring – Donate Now!   The annual Souper Bowl of Caring is a national campaign designed to empower youth and unite communities by helping those in need. We will be raising funds to support the Prince of Peace Food Pantry which provides food to 300 families every month.  Please prayerfully consider donating to our food pantry ministry on Sundays, or online, and continue to pray for the ministry of our Food Pantry.

Volunteers Needed! Help Serve the Lord We are looking for volunteers that are willing to help serve the Lord by helping with ushering, communion assistant, projection, live stream, altar guild and transportation.  If you are willing to help in any way, please contact Adriana at (407) 277-3945 for more information. |

PoP Preschool Do you know someone who might be looking for an amazing preschool for their child? While our infant and 1y/o classes are full, we still have limited openings for 2y/o through VPK. Call (407) 275-6703 to learn more!

Fruits of Faith
January 22
9:00 Traditional: 117 | 11:00 Contemporary: 60 | 11:00 Spanish: 80 | TOTAL: 257
Giving: Thank you for your faithful engagement in our ministry through your gifts and offerings.
January 8 offerings $17,652
January 15 offerings $11,857
January 22 offerings $11,769
. . . .needed each week: $11,923

Prayers of Comfort: We pray for Lisa Suggs and her family at the sudden and unexpected death of her father, John Weatherwax. | We pray for Curtis Harris and his loved ones at the death of his wife, Heather. | We continue to pray for the family and friends of Ginny Fussell, especially her husband Brannon, and children Brennah and Chase. | Lord Jesus, grant to all who grieve your peace and the comfort, knowing that You are the resurrection and the life.
Hospice Care: Ellie Dreves
Recovering: Chris Akerman, Larry Jones, Jodie Lymous, Pam Robertson
Healing and Strength: Karen Adkins, Dave & Mary Ann Ault, Rebecca Brooks, Delores B, Michael B, Donna C, Earl Caldwell, Karin Collins, Danny Conlin, Alice Darling, Elizabeth Dawson, Gail Eaton, baby Elijah, John Elmore, Jim Essig (thanksgiving), Carol Fennell, Judy & Jim Finnie (thanksgiving), Rev. Dennis Glander, Noah Glasberger & family, Michael Halstead, Joe Heinz, Bill Jordan, Jerry Jordan, Merle Kroeplin, Joan Krumpholc, Jim Lord, Michael McCarty, Lewis Mendez, Rick Perre, Miriam Rivera, Nitza Rohena, Nancy Schloemer, Rex Serio, Cindy Sibley, Shirley Stockett, Meridith Swanson (wrist, back), Gwen Taliver, Sonia Tellez, Cricket Winters, Leon W, Linda Zamsky
Receiving Treatments: Barbara Browne, Sarah vB, Kent Jespersen, Dorothy R, Rev. Brian Roberts, Elena Santana, Marleen Schmidt, Cathy Smith, Jeff S, Joni S, Janet V, Debbie W, Dayton Whites, Brenda Williams
Continued Care: Chuck Boogher, Kelly DeFrietas, Al & Linda Dicks, Eleanor Eaton, Bob and Colleen E, Linda House, Minnie Hutchinson, Linda Jackson, Otto K, Mary K.M, Joyce Miller, Todd O, Annette Royal, Betty Schnell, Caitlyn Thoms, Juan Torres, Michael, Noel, & Roger V, Harry Wahl, Gloria White
Special: Lord Jesus, You call us to follow You so we would know and experience Your forgiving love. Help us to identify ourselves as “blessed”—just as You have identified us as Your people. • We pray for areas of the world torn apart by war, violence, and strife: Lord, have mercy. • We continue to pray for recovery efforts for Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Nicole. • • We ask the Lord to be with President Biden, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court, as well as all state and local leaders. • We pray for those who serve our nation in the armed services. We also ask the Lord to watch over and keep our first responders safe.

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