Week of July 16, 2023

Today: My Neighbor, the Unwelcome • Mark 2:13-17; Isaiah 56:1-8; Romans 5:6-11 • Levi was a tax collector, an outsider, seen as unwelcome even to worship God. We know Levi much better as Matthew. Jesus was not hesitant to associate with Levi. more than that, Jesus called Levi to follow Him as one of the Twelve. The religious leaders who opposed Jesus could not accept what Jesus was doing. Could you imagine if Jesus had avoided the controversy that came with calling Levi? When Levi followed Jesus, many others did as well—lives were transformed. If Jesus had taken a pass on calling Levi, we would be missing one of the four Gospels and many would have missed the joy of following the Messiah. Who have I looked over? How can I show Jesus’ face, even to those who might otherwise be thought of as unwelcome?

Summer “Back to Basics” Sermon Series: “Who Is My Neighbor?” • It is one of the most fundamental tenets of the Christian faith. God has commanded us to love—first and foremost, to love Him above all things, and then to love our neighbor as ourselves.  It all sounds so simple, but it isn’t always easy. The question we ask ourselves this summer as we go back to basics is, “Who is our neighbor?” And what does love for our neighbor look like in the world in which we live? And what makes that love so extraordinary?

NEW! To view or print Sunday’s 9am Worship bulletin: https://poporlando.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/2023_07_16-Trad-Pentecost-7.pdf

Bible Classes
Adult Sunday Morning Bible Class at 10:00 am • The class is led by Jim Essig. We are looking at the Gospel of Luke. Classes are in the Music Room during our 10:00 am Education Hour, between the 9 am & 11 am worship services.
SUNDAY SCHOOL FOR AGE 4 – GRADE 5: Foundations of Faith • Kids will make crafts, play games, and learn the basic truths about God using both Old Testament and New Testament stories. Kids will walk away from each class with a new “God is…” statement (i.e. “God is powerful” or “God is kind”) and what it means that we are God’s people. Sunday School meets upstairs in the Family Life Center classrooms from 10:00-10:45 on Sunday mornings.
YOUTH SUNDAY BIBLE CLASS (6th-12th) • “Word One Bible Studies” – a mixture of discussion and experiential learning – come check it out – in the far, upstairs classroom in the Family Life Center from 10:00am-10:45am.
The Mid-week Bible Class will resume classes again on Wednesday, August 2 at 9:30am in the Board room.

Community Outreach: Annual Back-to-School Event – Saturday July 29 – Volunteers Needed! All hands-on deck!  Volunteer before, during and/or after the event. To make the event a success, we need YOUR help. Volunteers are needed and appreciated to prepare backpacks, set up and clean up for the event, and help during the event. There are many time slots available for both morning and afternoon on Saturday. Be sure to click the “Volunteer Sign-Up” button below to sign up for the day(s) and time(s) that work best for you. https://poporlando.breezechms.com/form/backtoschoolevent21
Financial ContributionsIf you would like to contribute towards this event, you can donate online, mail to the church, or drop it off at the church office. https://poporlando.breezechms.com/give/online

President’s Equip Conference – September 28-30, 2023, • The President’s Equip Conference is a gathering where everyone in your congregation—volunteers, leaders, pastors, board members, educators, youth leaders, and administrators can gather to work alongside each other to connect people to Jesus. The FLGA District is also celebrating 75 years of mission and ministry! |  https://flgadistrict.org/pec/

Support the Kenya Mission Support Kenya missionaries Shara and Michael Osiro (LCMS World Misssion). Donate through our online form or our online giving page where you can chose “Kenya Mission” from the “give to” drop-down menu. If using a check, please indicate “Kenya Mission” in the memo field. https://poporlando.breezechms.com/form/kenya-mission | https://poporlando.breezechms.com/give/online

Summer Office Hours The church office will close at noon on Fridays during June and July. If you need campus access on Friday afternoon, please call ahead to make special arrangements.

Volunteers Needed! Help Serve the Lord We are looking for volunteers that are willing to help serve the Lord by helping with ushering, communion assistant, projection, live stream, altar guild and transportation. If you are willing to help in any way, please contact Adriana at (407) 277-3945 for more information. | adriana.alas@poporlando.com

Altar Flowers To sponsor Altar Flowers in celebration of a special occasion, in memory of a loved one, or simply out of thanksgiving to God, you can do so at https://poporlando.breezechms.com/form/flowers or by contacting the office.
Today’s altar flowers were given by Roberta Weaver in memory of Gloria White.

Help Fund our Students Trip to the LCMS NYG July 2025 through Raise Right! It may seem far off, but the next National Youth Gathering will be upon us before we know it and preparations have already begun! The Gift Card program through Raise Right supports our youth. You can use this ID code: CFA82EEB65547 to identify Prince of Peace Youth as the organization you want to benefit from your order and start shopping.

Upcoming Youth Events: (Middle School & High School)
Sunday, July 23 – Youth Mini-Golf at Congo River Golf – 4:00 pm
Saturday, July 29 – Community Service – Help with Back-to-School Event at PoP – 8:00 am- Noon

Fruits of Faith
July 9
9:00 Traditional: 109 | 11:00 Contemporary: 43 | 11:00 Spanish: 65 | TOTAL: 217
Giving: Thank you for your faithful engagement in our ministry through your gifts and offerings.
June 25 offerings $11,511
July 2 offerings $11,757
July 9 offerings $ 7,980
needed each week: $11,923.

Recovering: Kristi Armstrong, Sylvia Bourgeois, Eleanor Eaton, Henry Leon, Joni Steidly
Healing and Strength: Karen Adkins, Dave & Mary Ann Ault, Rebecca Brooks, Delores B, Michael B, Donna C, Danny Conlin, Alice Darling, Elizabeth Dawson, Sarah D and baby Sam, Steven Dorsagano, Gail Eaton, John Elmore, Judy Finnie, Rev. Dennis Glander, Michael Halstead, Rebecca Rhodes, Harley Halstead, Joe Heinz, Bill Jordan, Jerry Jordan, Merle Kroeplin, Joan Krumpholc, Larue (friend of Gwen Taliver), Jim Lord, Kathy McCartin, Michael McCarty, George Meder, Lewis Mendez, Dale P., Rick Perre, Dorothy Reynolds, Miriam Rivera, David Rodgers, Nitza Rohena, Janette Seeds (friend of Barbara Hahn), Rex Serio, Cindy Sibley, Shirley Stockett, Meridith Swanson (vocal rest), Sonia Tellez, Cricket Winters, Leon W, Linda Zamsky
Receiving Treatments: Ellen B., Sarah vB, Ellen Boogher, Kent Jespersen, Cameron LaPointe, Elena Santana, Marleen Schmidt, Jeff S, Janet V, Debbie W, Staci Welburn, Dayton Whites, Brenda Williams, Michelle Zicarelli
Continued Care: Chuck Boogher, Pat C., Kelly DeFrietas, Al & Linda Dicks, Bob and Colleen E, Linda House, Minnie Hutchinson, Linda Jackson, Otto Krumpholc, Mary K.M, Micki & Sal LoBue, Joyce Miller, Todd O, Betty Schnell, Caitlyn Thoms; Michael, Noel, & Roger V; Harry Wahl

Special: Lord Jesus, help us to see all people as those You would welcome to spend time with You and follow You. Give us hearts that welcome all who seek You, to encourage them in faith as they follow. And help us to see ourselves as not only welcomed by You, but uniquely gifted to invite others to know You. • We ask that the Lord send His guardian angels to watch over all those who travel during the summer months. • We ask the Lord to be with President Biden, members of Congress, and the Supreme Court, as well as all state and local leaders. • We ask the Lord to watch over and keep our first responders safe. • We pray for our Board of Directors, that You would give them Your vision for our congregation as we seek to make an impact for Your kingdom. We offer prayers for our church body, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, as we prepare for the national convention at the end of July.
For those in the military or deployed: We pray for those who serve our nation in the armed services and for those who are deployed, especially those connected with our PoP/PdeP family: Zachary Carbonell, Kyle Holysz, Matthew Rojas, Amanda S, Greg S, Geoffrey W.

Staff Contacts:
Rev. Ken Green, Senior Pastor ken.green@poporlando.com
Rev. Adolfo Borges, Assoc. Pastor adolfo.borges@poporlando.com
David Ludwig, Jr., Worship & Music david.ludwig@poporlando.com
Deaconess Ligia Borges, Outreach ligia.morales@poporlando.com
DCE Eric Gerken, Families and Youth eric.gerken@poporlando.com
Anne Dobbins, Preschool Director anne.dobbins@poporlando.com
Jim Essig, Senior Adult Ministry jim.essig@poporlando.com
Pam Fuller, Chief of Staff pam.fuller@poporlando.com
Adriana Alas, Administrative Assist. adriana.alas@poporlando.com
Office Contact information: (407)277-3945 | staff@poporlando.com

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